Saturday, October 14, 2017

We're Learning to Read, Folks!

It's early in the year, but we're ready to read. Directly above you see some high frequency or sight words we already know. You may add go and went to the list and this week we'll add is. Learning these words will help your kindergarten student become solid readers. They are "anchors" by which an emergent reader, such as your child, will use to help her decode other words in context.
At the top you see my friend holding a blue book bag. Inside is the first little book we've read together in a small group. The first strategy we're learning is to get our mouth ready with the first sound when we come to a word we don't know. We also look at the picture for clues. It's exciting to watch your children use these strategies early in the school year.
My next friend in the light green sweater is demonstrating what beginning readers do in order to focus on the word. We're learning 1 to 1 correspondence: one point, one word.
Here's a connection (or two...). We use 1 to 1 correspondence when we're counting. When we count we begin at the top and move from right to left with return sweep, such as when we're following an one hundreds chart. It's a lot like reading. When we form our capital letters (and many lower case too), we start our letters at the top...just like when we read.
Back to the book bag. When your child brings home a book in a bag like this it's her homework. She (or he) should read the book to a parent or family member and return the envelope with book inside, to school the next day. No worries if you don't get to it the first night, but try to return as soon as possible.
To start, I'll try to send home two books each week if all goes well.
Have fun and stay tuned for more ways you can help your child in Kindergarten.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Early October Post

Our First Birthday Celebration! Here you see some of our students with August-September birthdays. Following some performances, we sang "Happy Birthday" to our friends, and then enjoyed a snack mix back in our classrooms.
Thanks to those of you who have signed up already for Parent-Teacher conferences on line. You should see a link to sign up in your newsletter.

Please be looking for a permission slip for our first field trip this school year. It will be on Wednesday, October 25 in the morning. We'll be going to Sieur de Monts Nature Center.

Friday, September 22, 2017



Try again!

In Handwriting, I've introduced the Frog Jump Capitals. On Friday, we learned the Wet, Dry, Try method on slates. We always start our capital letters at the top. F E D P B R N and M are all Frog Jump Capitals. We also learn the sounds and key pictures that begin with that sound. Next week we'll start the Corner Starter Capitals.
Handwriting is fun!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

PTO Grant

The Parent Teacher's Organization awarded kindergarten a grant to purchase bird feeders and supplies. Here you see the feeders which we put out every morning and I take in every night (in order to not attract raccoons, not to mention bears!). How long do you think it will take for the birds to find the bird food? My guess is two weeks.
Soon I'll order two pairs of child binoculars and a primary bird book. We're excited to begin keeping a log of which birds come to the feeder. 
If you'd like to keep data on which birds come to your feeders at home over the winter, visit I've signed up for a personal subscription for my feeders at home. It could be a fun family activity.

More shots of our Math work. During Choice time, some of us painted cardboard rolls. Previous to that, we counted a huge pile of unpainted rolls by ones. Then we counted out groups of ten and counted those by tens. We ended up with 67 both times. The next day we added one. 
Some days during Math class I dump a pile of the painted tubes on the rug. We sort them, estimate which group has most and least. We order the three colors from least to most.
Above, you see a colorful structure which is a collaboration of all five students. It's a model of a bee hive, bees and I've forgotten what the green triangles represent. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Big line, little line, big curve, little curve. We use only these lines and curves to form our capital letters. And we start all our letters at the top when making capitals. Be sure your writer does that when he or she writes their letters.
On the first day of school we drew a picture of a man. Today we had a lesson on drawing Mat Man. When you come to Open House on the afternoon/evening of September 12, please look at our cupboard doors for before and after pictures.

Math Workshop

We're learning to take care of our materials. At the beginning of the year, there's a lot of free exploration of math materials. We share and clean up using self-regulation.
Before we start Math class, we usually do a movement activity that involves a math concept or we do a Brain Dance which makes us cross our midline to get our brains working.
Stay tuned for a post with photos of that.