Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Homework Assignment
Inside the blue book envelope there should be a set of word cards. On most cards there will be three words across in a line. The assignment is for the student to point under each word and read them from left to right. If she is unsure, have her "get her mouth ready" with the first sound of the first letter (unless it's the word "the". If she continues to have trouble, read the word for her, then have her read it again on her own, starting at the beginning of the line. Have her notice similarities and differences to known words. For instance "do" looks and sounds the same at then end as "to". The word "on" is often confused with "no" because it uses the same letters, but they're reversed. There are 28 words on this word ring. Students need to read 25 of them with automaticity (quickly) to meet the standard for the end of Kindergarten. I've added 3  words that are not on our list, and may add more words before the end of the year, because they too, are seen often in emergent reader books.
If a student needs to read "he", shouldn't she also be able to read "she"?
Not only should students be able to read these words, but it is also beneficial for them to spell many of them. This should not be difficult because most of them are 2 or 3 letter words. If your child can easily read the 28 words, have her practice writing them or spelling them orally.
Word reading practice and reading books from their book box will occur in school at Rest Time 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday. I'm sending home all stuffed animals. Most children are sitting up and whispering or looking at books or reading. If they are very tired and need to rest, they may certainly close their eyes and rest or sleep. Blankets are welcome to remain in school. 
 You should know me well enough by now, to know that I'm not a "stickler" when it comes to homework assignments. Some students may not need regular practice, others would benefit from reading their books each night as well as practicing their words.
How often should you expect to see the blue envelope come home? You should see it at least one night each week. Some students like to take it home more often and that's great. If you're not seeing it at all, ask your child to bring it home with their most recent book and their word ring.