Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kindergarten Writing Workshop

What does Writing Workshop look like in Kindergarten? Perhaps you'd be surprised how diligently our students work once they've gathered all their materials and tools.
Writers think of a topic first. They often plan their piece by making a quick sketch on each page and then rehearsing what they're going to write orally. Next they write their words. They go back and reread and add details to their pictures and words. This is called editing.

Please take a look at some writing samples from our class. We've been writing easy-to-read books to share with our friends. When they're finished, students put them in a basket for our Class Library. We've been studying the features of mentor books and noticed many of these type of books use a sentence pattern. So our student writers are trying that too. We're learning about the conventions of writing. What makes our writing easy to read? We have a spaceman tool to help us leave spaces between words.
"Baby cousin is crying."
"I like nachos. My brother doesn't. I said Yummy. Brother said Yuk."

Above you can see examples of typical kindergarten writing. These writers are recording sounds they hear in words, spelling high frequency words correctly (for the most part!) and they are beginning to leave spaces between words. 

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