Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tomorrow is a Big Day!

Kindergarten Screening
Kindergarten screening will take place tomorrow, April 28th. Ms. Patty will be the kindergarten teacher and there will be a sub to assist her.                       

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Math and Science

Children learn best by doing. They learn math skills by manipulating objects. Before they can "fluently add and subtract", they need to understand what it means to add and what does it mean when you're asked to subtract. A child might be able to say, "Five plus five equals ten." but may not be able to explain what that means. 
Before we expect children to memorize math facts, we engage them with materials and lots of opportunities to join sets and take sets away from a given set.
We have been making arrangements of tiles of a given amount and looking for groups within. Later we learn to record the number sentences.

A Few Photos of Arts Week

Most of these photos are of Arts Week, but the class photo is one I took after Art one Thursday when the kids made crowns with Ms. Shutt. It was really hard to get everyone together in one spot, I'm not sure you'll be able to see everyone. Count to see if you can find 22 little people...

These puppets were made with Shira.
Ms. Graves and volunteers helped the class finish their puppets.

This handsome man dressed up for Be Yourself Day!

Here they are in March. One student may have been absent.
Students made fairies with Mary Lyman. The work was intricate and difficult but the kids persevered. I was proud of them.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered for Arts Week. We appreciate your assistance!
Here is Kemy holding her bathtub poster of high frequency words. These words, also known as, "sight words", "word wall words", or "words we know in a snap", are a very important tool for emergent readers. Automatic recognition and the ability to read them quickly, builds confidence and aids in the success of decoding the words surrounding them in a sentence.
By the end of the kindergarten year, students are expected to learn 25 high frequency words. I've added a few extra to our list and word wall. Any extra words learned will be an advantage for our readers!
The class had fun making these, partly due to a little inside joke about taking a bath.