Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blending is a Phonemic Awareness Skill

When we talk about blending being important for beginning readers we don't necessarily mean the student is looking at a word and blending the sounds. Before a child can do that he should be able to hear the individual sounds (called phonemes) and blend them smoothly together to make a recognizable word. This is a completely auditory activity that doesn't involve print at all.
Below please enjoy the photos of kindergarteners playing a Lotto game. They listened to me stretch a word out s-l-o-w-l-y, and then hunted for a picture on their Lotto board that matched the word I stretched. Each board was custom made by a student the day before with Ms. Patty and a sub, Ms. Jones. 
I'm going to send these boards home and you can play a similar game with them if you like. Make up your own rules and have fun. Perhaps you'd like to reverse roles and have your child do the stretching while you try to find the picture. 
Interestingly enough, this skill of blending and stretching sounds comes in very handy during Writing Workshop. I'm proud of every one of our super duper writers. They've become "professional" recorders of the sounds they hear.

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