Saturday, September 17, 2016

     The photo you see here is of a birthday celebration from another country, not our school. However, soon our students at Mt. Desert Elementary, will again experience our unique way of celebrating birthdays. For the kindergarteners, this will be an initiation into our tradition.
     Near the end of each month, we celebrate the birthdays of all the children and adults in grades K-3 for that month. Sometimes, for practical purposes, we combine months. August birthdays are celebrated along with September birthdays, for instance.
     At a specified time, we gather in the Forum. Classes often perform. Those with birthdays that month come forward and we all sing the birthday song to them. Classes take turns being the host. Chef Emily and Jan often help by preparing the snack. Some classes prepare the snacks.
     Most importantly, we feel this celebration builds a school community. It's also a way for us to celebrate birthdays in our school equitably. We ask that parents not send in special snacks on their children's  birthday. 
Another note regarding birthdays: we ask parents to only send invitations to school if there is one for every child in the class. Otherwise please deliver personally (not at school) or by mail. Soon, I'll send home a list of the names of all our kindergarten class. Thank you so much.

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