Friday, November 11, 2016

We Learn Outdoors Too!
In October Ms. Minot took us to the garden and we harvested the last of our pumpkins as well as some carrots. Earlier in the day, we reviewed the life cycle of a pumpkin.
News Flash
On Tuesday, November 15, Ms. Wheaton will be at a common study for kindergarten and first grade teachers at Pemetic. Ms. Porter will be the substitute that day.
On Wednesday, Ms. Wheaton will be back and we will begin Writing Workshop.
Parents, Christy Seed and Kelly O'Neil have become regular volunteers in our classroom. We're happy to have them spend part of their day with us. They've been willing to do jobs such as: repair books, punch out paper geometric shapes and cut cards from card stock for us. Thank you, Christy and Kelly.
Please e-mail Ms. W. if you want to visit us in Kindergarten. You might like to join us for Morning Meeting someday even if you aren't able to commit on a regular basis.

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