Monday, January 2, 2017

Math Games

Math Games are fun and so much learning goes on when we're playing. This one is called Santa's Hat Bump and it's so much fun, we may keep playing it even though the holidays are over. It involves rolling two dice and adding the numbers together. We think about what strategy to use when adding. Do we "just know" that 6 and 6 equals 12? Do we choose the highest number when we roll a 4 and 5, stick it in our head and count on? Five...six, seven, eight, nine. Do we use the number line? Start on 5 and jump 4 spots forward.
This game is fun because you place your color cube on the answer you get. If your partner gets the same answer and you only have one cube on the hat, he can bump your cube off. Once there are two cubes of one color on the hat, you may not bump a cube off.

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